Bauma 2022: taking a chance

In one of our previous posts, we told you about what would have been our upcoming exhibition at Bauma 2022. From the unexpected assignation of a stand to the rapid and impulsive decision of accepting it. It was July, and the pandemic situation was better than in spring, but we had no guarantee for the fall, as we didn’t have any certainty about the travel bans and visitors. We quickly evaluated the pros, both short and long-term, and we asked opinions to our clients and suppliers. We received different and conflicting answers, mainly due to postponing the show from its usual date (April) to October. We chose to take a chance as we couldn’t have waited another three years for an occasion that might not have been repeated.

Some weeks passed after the show ended, and we can now clearly say that we made the best possible choice. The show was a success and above expectations. On the Bauma official website, you can read the show results which confirms our impressions. The headline says: “Bauma 2022.. exceeds expectations”.

Below we display only the main numbers:

  • About 3.200 exhibitors from 60 Countries
  • More than 495.000 visitors from over than 200 Countries
  • Italy in the top ten list of exhibiting countries, together with Germany, Turkey, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, France, the U.S., Austria, Spain and China

We met visitors from more than 50 Countries and had many interesting conversations. Bauma confirmed itself as the industry-leading show and platform for meetings between professionals, besides a means to share and collect news from the construction machinery industry. We met people who were specialists in the conveyor business. They knew what they were looking for and had a great knowledge of the products. Everyone was so enthusiastic about being able to travel and finally meet in person. We dare say it has been the show of the upturn. The borders reopened, and the pandemic is more under control. From our perspective, Bauma acted as a springboard for our conveyor tools line. We reconnected with companies we already knew and encountered some customers we had never met before or were not expecting to see and many new ones. Thanks to this, we are already getting some good sales results. Visitors were not only interested in the conveyor business. Some of them were from the tire repair and recycling industry. As mentioned, the show is the main event for the construction machinery and mining industry, and several exhibitors displayed their OTR tires. It drew companies from the tire repair and workshop businesses and allowed us to promote our line of tire repair and retreading tools.

We came back tired after seven long days but full of enthusiasm. We truly understood the importance of this event and of being part of it. Not only because you have to be there as a “convention” but because the return you get is worth the investment. We want to thank all our visitors, customers, the show’s organizers, and all the people who collaborated with us to make this possible.

Bauma will be back in April 2025, and we hope we will be there. In the meantime, we can already inform you we will be at the OTR Conference organized by the Tire Industry Association, which will be held in February 2023 in Tucson.


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