2022, thank you!

The end of a year often brings the need to make some considerations. Twelve months is a long time, but sometimes, they pass by without even realizing they are gone. So, what happened during those 365 days? Today, we would like to share with you our thoughts about 2022.

This year meant for us the first exhibitions, back to traveling overseas, ending some projects, and starting new ones.

At the end of 2021, we felt optimistic about the future. We thought the worst had passed. The pandemic situation was going to improve, and we would have been back traveling and meeting people in no time. The market was getting stronger, and the overall situation would have been easier. We didn’t expect what was coming less than two months after. The beginning of the war in Ukraine hit everyone hard. The balance we were leaning towards was disappearing, and we were back to an unforeseeable future due to new price increases and the lack of some raw materials. Nonetheless, with our sleeves well rolled up, we made sure 2022 would have been a memorable year. And it has been. Because, from time to time, you need to give a closer look to see that also the smallest achievement can be the one making the difference.

The ones of you who read our previous post would already know our 2022 highlights, but we would like anyway to take a short walk down memory lane.

  • We started our blog
  • We issued two new catalogs
  • We took part in a conference and three exhibitions
  • We were nominated for two Recircle Awards categories
  • We increased our product line, launching new tools (like our Press for solid tires, whose new video is available on our YouTube Channel)
  • New partnerships, i.e., with the German company Mato and a new colleague at the office, Barbara

Maybe, we forgot something, but we surely don’t forget to thank all the people that keep believing in us. Them being customers and suppliers, close and distant friends. To all of you, we wish you Happy Holidays! Now, it is time for us to take a short break. VM Rubber will be closed on December 26th and from December 30th until January 8th included. We will recharge our batteries and come back with a lot of news for 2023. But we are not going to tell you more just now.