A very “conveying” catalog

In the last two posts, we have focused on our conveyor tools line. We announced our presence at the Bauma show in Munich (only 20 days left) and the new partnership with the German company Mato GmbH. We also mentioned working on the new industrial catalog, which is now finished and available for download https://vmrubber.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/VMR_Industrial22.pdf. The official debut will be during the Munich exhibition.

This edition counts 36 pages, compared to the previous 28, and several new products, one of which (and one of the most important) is the A+B VMR Metabo Extruder Gun 1800W (https://vmrubber.com/en/p/ab-metabo-extruder/) for the application of the self-curing rubber. Another fascinating product is the Cable Stripper, a machine used to remove the rubber from the steel cord thanks to a top-bottom blade system. We’ve also added new technical tools like some Knipex Pincers and three models of Impact Bars. Certainly interesting is the Belt Punching Machine, which was already on our website but not in the catalog (https://vmrubber.com/en/p/belt-punching-machine/), and the Mato fasteners that you could find from page 33 to page 37. We’ve also restyled the Splicing Tool Kit page and assigned a couple of pages to the Monaflex Repair System for Truck and OTR tires (a different industry but a complementary one).

Many are the news you will discover, and for those who will visit the exhibition, from October 24th until the 30th, a paper copy will be available, and we could look at it together.


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