Our communication journey

78% of the European population has at least a social media account. The global average is 59.4%.
Communication travels online: we talk about ourselves, and the brands talk about their products and services.

In the last 25 years, social media platforms increased in number and evolved in structure.
Can we say the same about our social media profiles?
It might not be relevant for a personal account, but the situation is very different for a business.

It is difficult to keep up with the meta-universe, constantly progressing, as it is difficult to understand it is not sufficient to create a business account to be viewable.
Often people think it is enough to be there because:

  • we are committed
  • we believe in what we are doing
  • we are keen on doing well and being different

Is that sufficient?
How much time do we spend creating and planning content to share?
How many leads are we able to generate?

We start pondering.
The first question is: am I correctly using the right tools?
Followed by: what could be the true potential of this platform?

At this stage, we understand we don’t hold the answers, and it is time to undertake a journey.
What do we need?

  • a guide
  • some companions
  • time

That’s what happened to us.
Our guides are: Lucia and Barbara from HG Blu and Danilo e Dominque from Trentino Social Tank.
Our companions are our team: Camilla, Pablo, and Barbara.
The time is the time we don’t have, but we owe it to our customers.

This epiphany starts our rediscovery journey.

A journey we are embracing step by step.
A journey that opens new scenarios and shows new sides of us.
A journey that will not finish with this communication project but will be carried on day by day.

We can summarize these months (or this trip) with 3 images:

  • therapy sections
  • talking crickets
  • colorful Post-it

During the 6 appointments we attended, our world went upside down.
We lost some certainties, and we have a lot to refurbish.
Who is VM Rubber, and how does it want to communicate it?

We feel like on a roller coaster, with our heads spinning.
But, when the spinning stops and we regain focus, we see the true potential of what we are learning:

  • Attract your attention with inspiring posts
  • Circulate information about our products
  • Create awareness around the rubber world

We have a lot we want to say and are learning how to share it.

¹ Reference WE ARE SOCIAL https://wearesocial.com/it/blog/2023/02/digital-2023-i-dati-italiani/


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