Cordless or Electrical? Which belt cutter is meant for you?

In March 2023, we announced the launch of a new product for our conveyor tools line. It was a Cordless Belt Cutter, adding up to our Electrical Cutter.

If you are following our social media accounts, you might have already seen some posts about these machines, but what are they, and what are they used for?

The name gives us some hints:

  • BELT CUTTER, a machine that cuts belts.
  • The PRODUCT CATEGORY helps identify what kind of belts: CONVEYOR BELTS.

So, we have a machine that cuts conveyor belts.

This description is not satisfying because of the huge variety of conveyor belts.

The product name itself doesn’t tell enough about its functions. The only piece of information we have is that one model is electrical, and we can deduce it has a cable and a plug, while the other doesn’t have any cable, and it must be battery-operated.

In the following paragraphs we will answer 4 fundamental questions:

  1. What they can cut
  2. What their main features are
  3. Which one is right for you
  4. Why buy it
  1. What can they cut?

The belt cutters are the perfect replacement for the standard hand cutter. For belt preparation and repair, we often use the latest. The Stanley knife requires great effort, and it is not safety-efficient.

Instead, these machines can cut natural rubber, PVC, and belts with fabric ply, in all directions and with little effort. Any risk for the operator decreases exponentially.

2. What are their main features?

They can cut up to 50 mm thickness, and the minimum thickness is as a paper sheet. We tested them to cut rubber belts with a maximum Shore A of 80.

The blade is high-speed with a double angle and adjustable in height. It means it will provide sharp performances even if wearing out, with variability between 10 and 15 mm in height.

The rail glide enables a precise cut, and the structure’s wide base adds stability.

3. Which one is right for you?

It depends on where your working space is: if you operate in a workshop or on-site. If portability anywhere is what you are looking for, the right belt cutter is the Cordless one. You could carry your machine on your truck and use it at a quarry (a typical place full of conveyors). Otherwise, if you mainly work in-house, the electrical belt cutter could guarantee uninterrupted work without worrying about re-charging the batteries.

4. Why buy it?

The above features make both Belt Cutters safe, efficient, and all-purpose.

The blade is interchangeable with other models on the market.

You can use them to prepare your finger splicing.

As manufacturers, we can supply all the spare parts, and we offer after-sales service.

Additional information is available on our website: You can also contact us by email, phone, WhatsApp, chat, and request info format. Maybe you will have a question we have yet not replied to.


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