OTR System

Monfalex Vulcanizing Repair System for OTR and Agricultural Tires.

  • For OTR tire sizes from 13.00 to 70/70-63
  • For radial and bias tires
  • For sidewall, shoulder and crown
  • Suggested control panel M100 (R-type)
  • Sidewall system OTRS (14.00-24 to 29.5-29) MOTRS (27.00R49 to 45/65R45)
  • Bead repair system MBRS (mid-range 18.00R25 to 45/65R45)
  • Bead repair system XLBRS (giant OTR 40.00 R57 and 59/85R63)

The OTR Application Chart is available for download. It helps identify the necessary parts for the different tire sizes. The first column shows the agri tire sizes, and the second one the truck tire sizes.


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