Extreme Contour Wheel

The Extreme Wheels’s teeth are unfiorm in height and shape. They are most aggressive, have highest resistance to loading and fastest material removal rate, and an extremely long wear-life.

They are available in the Balck and Blue versions.

The Extreme Black:

  • Repair removal
  •  Section repair
  •  Post-rasp texturing of low spots along edge of crown (skiving station)
  •  Clean-up of sidewall repairs (final inspection)

The Extreme Blue:

  • Installing repairs, where a moderately rougher texture is acceptable or desired (for example, OTR repairs).
  • Finishing of repairs on sidewalls


Code MFG Size AH MCM
10187 114X Ø 76×32 3/8″ 70
10188 120X Ø 89×38 3/8″ 70
10297 116x Ø 76×32 3/8″ 90
20109 122X Ø 89×38 3/8″ 90



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